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Other Brand Pallet Rack Requirements

Our Pallet Rack Accessories are currently designed to be compatible with the dimensions of the Uline brand of pallet racks. Not all brands of pallet racks have the same measurements, so if you have a non-Uline pallet rack, you will need to select Other in the Style options and we will then be requesting information from you to modify our design to fit.


This is what we will need from you:

First, please provide us the shelving unit manufacture name and model number if you have it. Once we can modify the design to fit your pallet rack, we can add it to our list of pallet rack brands supported. If you don't have it, we have to charge a fee as it will be considered a custom order.

Please provide clear (in focus) well-lit pictures of the item the product will be mounted to. For example, your shelving unit leg with a clear straight-on view of the item. It is important to orient the camera so it is a flat and straight view of the object you are taking the picture of. Do not skew the camera or take pictures at an angle. Please provide at least 2 pictures. Please take one picture of just the leg and the second picture with a tape measure clearly in the frame and next to the shelving leg. For most items, only 2 pictures are required but we may request additional images. See example below.

If you have calipers at hand, this would be the preferred method of providing pictures. Show at least one feature (a hole or slot) with the calipers in the picture showing the dimension of the hole or slot. Digital or dial calipers are both acceptable.  Please provide a second image without calipers showing just the leg. See example below.


Examples for Required Photos:

Required for 1st picture.

Uline Pallet Rack Picture

Options for 2nd picture (Picture with tape measure or calipers).

Measuring Pallet Rack with Tape or Calipers

After you receive your order, please let us know if the items fit.