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Gobo Types


All of our products are designed to be used with various products from various companies. Gobonomics is not affiliated with these companies and makes no guarantees on the warranty or life of the product that you are interfacing with. We have designed accessories to work with and interact with other products that we like and love, and we want to share these items with the world. 

By this nature, by purchasing these products you are in the same situation; you assume the risk of using our product with other products by other manufacturers.

Gobonomics is not responsible for damages to life, warranty or other that is caused by misuse of our product or others. Use at your own risk. We do test these items to ensure they work well, but we can only take it so far. People will always find ways to break things and we can not be held responsible for the extremity people will take. We hope you understand. Thank you.

 - Gobonomics

What are gobos...... well either you know what they are or you don't. They are for theatrical lights, and they put patterns on the ground. They will not work on your typical household holiday pattern projector. These are intended for "professional" use.

Please do not order them unless you know what you are doing. We will not issue refunds for gobos. We will fix an error we made and we back it 100% for sure. But, please do not order one unless you know what they are.

If you need a custom gobo, call us and ask us. We currently do not do custom gobos. But, we can and will if needed. 

And they make terrible coasters.


All of our gobos are cut in metal. We don't do glass, yet. Maybe but let's be honest there are so many better companies doing this in glass.

"A" Size

This is for Strand LekoLite and ColorTran lekos, (what?)  this is not for a bigger gobo in your Source 4. We design our gobos to fill the gobo area as much as possible. So.... ORDER bigger lens for goodness sakes.  OK fine... if you want to stick it in a ETC Zoom ok... but you gotta show me your A frame holder.

 "B" Size

This is the most common size, it's mostly used in Source 4 lekos.

"E" Size

Sized for Source 4 Mini. This is pretty small, so some gobos may not look correct or maybe a little soft around the edges of the gobo. We will make efforts to correct this for you before we send it out. So, know that the gobo will look similar but it may be adjusted to cut correctly.

 "M" Size

Smaller gobo for ETC Juniors

Check the manual for the product you are using to verify the right gobo size you need. If you need any other sizes please choose the "Custom" option when ordering gobos and let us know the correct size to cut for you.