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Cord Cover (DMX/XLR)
Gobonomics Cord Cover (DMX/XLR) protecting the connected ends of DMX cables.
Cord Cover (DMX/XLR)
Cord Covers being tested and used in the field

Cord Cover (DMX/XLR)

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Gobonomics's first water-repellant, 100 % recyclable cord cover!

Our Cord Cover is a durable, thermoformed plastic shell, designed to protect your DMX/XLR cable connectors from damage, whether they're in a field, on a stage, or in a venue. Its seven interlocking finger tabs create a tight fit that blocks out dirt, rain, dew, mud, grass, and other debris - keeping your connectors clean! They are perfect for outdoor events, or if you just want a little extra security for the cables. 

Dimensions (folded):
Length: 8.63 in.
Width: 3 in.
Height: 1.25 in. (diameter of closed case)

Disclaimer: This product is not fully waterproof. It is not completely sealed; and therefore, we cannot guarantee that it will protect cables if they become submerged in water.

Item # GN-C-CC-010

Item # GN-C-CC-050

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