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Rose Flower Gobo

Summer Flower Gobo Series 1 of 8

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Gobonomics strives to provide affordable, high-quality metal gobos with our own original designs. We offer a variety of themed gobo collections for your event lighting needs. You can buy one or all designs in a collection at a discounted price. Simply choose the size that you need.


This is the Summer Flower Gobo Collection in our Summer Gobo series.

Here is the first in a series of eight designs, featuring a rose flower.

Great for use in a romantic or floral settings, such as weddings, anniversary parties, garden parties, or afternoon tea. They can also be used by spas, hotels, restaurants, and museums.

Please note that the gobos will never be perfectly flat due to the heat of the laser bending the metal. However, the image is not distorted, and the gobos will fit perfectly in the gobo holders and the lights.


Guidelines on Custom-Size Gobos:

1) If choosing Custom size, please tell us (a) the size you need and (b) the light fixture you are using to project it in the "Special Instructions for Seller" box on your Shopping Cart page.

2) We cannot make gobos smaller than a size E.

3) Absolutely NO REFUNDS on custom-size gobos because we have no way of testing them and therefore cannot guarantee the outcome. Note that we do not charge extra on custom-sized gobos.

Item # GN-G-HS03-(01-08)


PLEASE NOTE: All of our items are made to order. Although most orders are processed within 1 to 3 business days, please allow up to a week or so after receiving a confirmation email.

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